Community Care Review is an independent website that reports on the aged and disability community care sector. We cover aged care services, disability services, informal carers, aged and disability care policy, dementia and all the latest research.

CCR started out as a former sister publication to the leading Australian residential aged care publication Australian Ageing Agenda, but in 2020 launched its own identity as the best source of independent news and informed analysis and opinion about the home and community sector.

The CCR newsletter is sent to more than 4,000 subscribers every Thursday and has a strong social media presence.

CCR’s editorial policy

The quality reputation of CCR rests upon its commitment to providing independent news and analysis on topics relevant to the audience. Our journalists report on issues of importance objectively, without fear or favour.

CCR invites editorial submissions from relevant groups, which can include aged services providers, researchers, policy makers and other professionals working in and around the sector. Contributed articles must be original, unpublished in any other forum and written only for CCR.

We follow an editorial policy that maintains the editorial integrity of the publication. This policy prevents contributors from using an editorial article in CCR as an opportunity to promote specific branded products or services. CCR’s Contributor Guidelines, which outline the editorial policy and give guidance to those seeking to make an editorial submission, are available on request from the editor (email editorial@australianageingagenda.com.au).

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