Why aged care must be around the lived experience

Join Hayylo’s live session about ‘Co-designing’ on the 28th of April with Julianne Parkinson from the GCMA.

Join Hayylo’s live session about ‘Co-designing’ on the 28th of April with Julianne Parkinson from the GCMA.

Care services are personal experiences. The Aged Care Royal Commission has acknowledged that and recommends that, from now on, care providers reform services centred around people who receive care. It is about the lived experience, the choice and the transparency of information.

Rather than offering services in which care recipients will have to fit into, the right way to approach this is to co-design. The difference is that the ultimate goal here is not to provide new services to clients but with them.

But what is the day-to-day experience? What do they see? What do they hear? What do they touch? To answer these questions is necessary to listen and work with these people and their families to understand what configures the best possible life whilst you live in the community and what are the experiences that make it enjoyable. And that includes a deeper knowledge about who the clients are, what sustains them and promotes greater wellbeing.

The clients are also showing signs that they want to be heard and participate in this process. According to the latest Aged Care Complaint Commissioner, year over year, complaints against care services rise in a demonstration that clients and families are more vocal about what is not acceptable anymore. On the other hand, what is not so different over time are the outcomes. Most complaints are about improving individual aspects of care and relationships by understanding and communicating better.

It appears it’s time to roll up our sleeves, re-design and rethink the future of the care sector.

How? On the 28th of April, Hayylo is hosting a webinar that combines the expertise of Julianne Parkinson, CEO at the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, an authority in testing and refining customers’ validation to new products in Australia, with Hayylo’s Co-founders Simon Heaysman and Greg Satur own experiences.

Together this expert panel will dig into the topic and explore the actionable next steps every provider needs to start co-designing care services towards personal experiences and greater client wellbeing.

Register here.

Hayylo Insights Webinar Series #3 – Co-designing personal experiences in care services

Date: 28th of April 2021 at 2 PM

Speakers: Simon Heaysman, COO & Co-founder at Hayylo

Greg Satur, CEO & Co-founder at Hayylo

Julianne Parkinson, CEO at Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA)

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