Join Hayylo’s webinar, dedicated to providers, on 18th March with Ilsa Hampton

The seismic shifts and stresses brought about by 2020 helped crystallise and distil how important connection and relationships are to our day-to-day sense of wellbeing, with a heightened sensitivity for those in our community requiring care services already vulnerable and living in some form of isolation. Equally, the care worker’s role and our dependency on their resilience, commitment to and relationships with their clients and their capabilities to respond and adapt to constant changing regulations and requirements were nothing short of paramount in our ability to get through the year that was 2020 in our sector. 
2020 allowed us to have sharpened clarity on what we can be doing to help clients feel a greater sense of wellbeing (connection, the strength of relationships and independence). Additionally, it allowed a level of insight into some ‘truths’ around what causes staff churn – and how we can start to get in front of this ‘cost’, measured in both financial terms and in client care outcomes.
However, our marathon efforts through 2020 also served to put a magnifying glass to the large cracks and challenges yet won through Aged, Community and Disability Services. Challenges such as:

  • Consistent assessment tools (and technology infrastructure to support that knowledge accumulation);
  • Enabling the communication of that client knowledge between a care advocacy team,
  • Logistically (and technically) supporting an integrated model of care with that care advocacy team;
  • Localising Care Teams to support a Continuous Care Model;
  • The importance of enabling digital literacy and confidence to those in our society most isolated and vulnerable – so that the isolation divide isn’t widened, and a sense of connection, independence and control can be maintained.

Embracing a person-centred approach to care delivery is certainly not a new topic, but enabling it and executing it at scale with clients has always been a logistical challenge facing providers.   
So, where to start?
On 18th March, at 2 pm, join Hayylo’s webinar with Meaningful Ageing Australia CEO Ilsa Hampton in this very pragmatic discussion about the implementation and delivery of wellbeing practices. The presents will share fantastic insights and background research to lean on, and excellent toolsets and suggestions every provider will need to operationalise connection and wellbeing.
What you’ll see:
-How to capture something so intangible and subjective as wellbeing
-The toolset every provider will need to operationalise physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing
-Change management practices to operationalise the necessary changes

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Hayylo Insights Webinar Series #2 – Operationalising wellbeing


18th March 2021 at 2 pm


Simon Heaysman, COO & Co-founder at Hayylo

Meg Braithwaite, Growth Director at Hayylo

Ilsa Hampton, CEO at Meaningful Ageing Australia