New technology simplifies digital transformation for home care businesses

Five Good Friends, one of Australia’s leading home care providers launches transformative digital care management solution.

Five Good Friends, one of Australia’s leading home care providers launches transformative digital care management solution.

A new customer-focused digital care management solution that enables home care organisations to deliver better care has been developed and launched by one of Australia’s leading home care providers

Following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety handing down its final report, Five Good Friends has released the new software solution, Lookout, built on their experience operating a digitally enabled home care business.

CEO Simon Lockyer says Lookout is the only digital care management solution built by care, for care.

Lookout is being launched at a time when transformative change is urgently required. Many recommendations contained in the Commission’s final report will only be only achieved through the adoption of technology and digital care management systems. 

Lookout has been developed by the dedicated team of Five Good Friends software engineers here in Australia. Lookout has powered nearly 750,000 hours of care and is monitoring over 15,000 care visits to homes around Australia each month.

“At every step of the way, we have built Five Good Friends and the Lookout software on the belief that ageing Australian’s can live better lives in the homes and communities they love by empowering skilled and caring people with enabling technology.”

“We started Five Good Friends, because of the challenges the home care sector was facing,” he said.

“Over the last two years, the whole aged care sector has been under the microscope”

Mr Lockyer, strongly supports the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety findings which emphasise that the home care sector must radically improve how care is delivered, measured and monitored.  “The findings highlight a lack of transparency where families and informal carers are often excluded from knowing what is happening. Lookout solves these problems.

He singled out “Recommendation 68, the need for improved use and adoption of technology” that states “every approved home care provider delivering personal care or clinical care needs to use a digital care management system by July 2022.”

Lookout digital care management software is a complete end to end SaaS solution for home care organisations of all sizes and in all geographies.

The Royal Commission also recommended that organisations improved the data interaction between the health and aged care systems.

“Because Lookout is developed in Australia, should this and other recommendations be adopted, the updates required to add a unique aged care identifier will be rapid and seamless.”

“Other recommendations include increasing access to specialist Telehealth services. Lookout supports telehealth workflows, rostering and appointments.

Mr Lockyer said the Royal Commission has shown a modern approach, that leverages technology and truly focuses on the customer is urgently required.

“We don’t believe technology on its own is the solution. We do believe that technology can make people better in their roles, dramatically improve the experience and ultimately, raise the quality of care.”

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