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The Covid-19 global pandemic has taught us many lessons – the importance of our healthcare workers, the need for strategic and agile emergency response plans, the desire for connection, interaction and community, and the significance of our ability to service from anywhere, anytime.

The Covid-19 global pandemic has taught us many lessons – the importance of our healthcare workers, the need for strategic and agile emergency response plans, the desire for connection, interaction and community, and the significance of our ability to service from anywhere, anytime.

And for aged care providers, the pandemic has also highlighted the necessity for business agility.

Innovation and tech advances have ensured that we have the bases covered – virtual gatherings, telehealth and remote work. While we still practice social distancing, it’s technology that is enabling us all to have a sense of normalcy in strange times.

Sudden shifts in working patterns, consumer demand, and safety protocols has tested providers – but digital infrastructure and technology have allowed the world to stay connected. It’s ensured providers could pivot and fast track digital transformations and implementations to embrace new ways of working, communicating and providing support via the use of tech.

COVID-19 will accelerate digital transformation for many aged care providers, acting as somewhat untimely catalyst for change. However, although the investment may be made in the hope of ensuring business survival, the good news is, that for many, investments made today to respond to the virus will help to future proof business and equip teams for the medium and long-term.

At Hayylo we’ve been working overtime, in light of recent events, to release enhancements to our offering – our team has taken the learnings, determined responses to needs and gaps, and created solutions.

These new Hayylo features have been designed to better support providers, carers, customers and their families. So, what’s Hayylo and what’s new?


Hayylo enables providers to quickly integrate their back-office tools, opening communication channels with customers, families, and teams. Providers looking to drive optimisation and a better customer experience have used Hayylo to deliver a provider branded app experience and-multi-channel communication, ensuring everyone has a voice and is kept up to date and informed about the important things like budgets, schedule changes and who is coming and when to deliver a service. With the now enhanced features, Hayylo provides enhanced communication and optimisation across the community services, as well as peace of mind for carers, customers, and families.

Hayylo ‘Service’

An intelligent ticketing system and the core of the Hayylo experience. The focus is reducing manual workload by automating routine tasks and communications, whilst instantly logging new tasks as they arise. Multi-channel communication means you can instantly reach 100% of teams, family members and customers on their preferred channel; App, SMS, Email and even Auto-Calls.

Smart Analysis – Links directly with tools like scheduling software to automatically create Action tickets and Smart Notifications. Smart Notifications ensure any schedule or service changes are communicated to the correct internal teams and customers through multi-channel updates. Action tickets ensure the right task is assigned to the right team member and move cohesively through the care team until they are successfully completed, and you’re left with a satisfied customer.

Smart Numbers – On average, each customer call costs care organisations $2.30, and many are to field routine questions like confirming a customer’s next service date. Smart Numbers gives your customers instant access to the information they need, even if they aren’t tech enabled or don’t have access to a smartphone. With just a customer’s landline or mobile number, Hayylo is able to identify and present them with all their relevant information from the moment they call.

Hayylo ‘Campaigns’

The new ‘engage’ feature, Hayylo Campaigns allows providers to broadcast SMS, Emails and tailored Offers to customers, families, and support teams. This feature is particularly helpful for circumstances such as emergency Covid-19 response plans for potential outbreaks and how to communicate efficiently and effectively. Why are engagement features so important? Because, every customer is different and their needs are always changing, knowing how to tailor their experience can be a challenge. Hayylo’s segmentation engine is a customer engagement tool that enhances community participation by personalising your customers’ journey. Filter on locations, services and even preferences to engage your community of customers, their families, and teams, through customised offers or activities tailored to your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Hayylo Campaigns Powers:

  • Bulk Offers
  • Bulk Push
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk SMS

Hayylo ‘Engage’

The future is now, with people more connected than ever through smartphones and technology. With an increasingly tech-savvy aging population, customers expect more from their services. The Hayylo Customer Experience app puts each customer’s care directly into their own hands, giving them immediate access to their services and the power to manage their own services.

Self-service features allow customers to quickly log a new request, ask a simple question, or make a service change. Every request made through the customer experience app automatically becomes a Smart Action and is assigned and communicated to the correct internal team members

Through the branded app customers can view their statements and budgets so they’re always in financial control, as well as directly pay for any services through the app’s integrated payment portal. Any offer or activity you push out through the Campaigns feature can be quickly viewed, booked and paid for with just a few clicks.

Social Feeds – Is where is all comes together; share one to one posts with customers and families or important updates to everyone with a click of a button. Providers are even using the social feeds to share micro training and COVID updates. The Hayylo Social feature is all about collaboration and sharing insights across your community. Collaboration and connection has never been easier.

Hayylo App includes:

  • Schedule
  • Request Something
  • Social
  • Budgets
  • Offers and Activities
  • Video Calling


Intelligent self-branded software and provider branded apps ensure customer interactions are centralised, creating exceptional customer service. Continuous customer insights develop into rich customer profiles which further enhance their experience.

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