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Restrictive Practice in Home Care

May 8 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


This workshop is designed to offer practical guidance on managing restrictive practices within home care. Participants will delve into a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes restrictive practices, exploring their implications and the core principles of person-centred care. Through dynamic interactions, group discussions, and in-depth analyses of scenarios, attendees will learn to identify and categorise restrictive practices and gain valuable insights into the nuanced process of implementing them appropriately.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with a robust toolkit of strategies and approaches to navigate the complexities of restrictive practices with confidence and compassion in their caregiving roles.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this very interactive training session you will learn:

  •   Discover what restrictive practice is and gain an understanding of the five categories.
  •   Understand how and when restrictive practice is able to be used.
  •   Be confident in managing restrictive practices.
  •   Understand restrictive practice governance.
  •   Understand how to develop and implement behaviour support plans

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