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Complaints and Incidents Handling – How to deal with ACQSC, consumers and others

July 23 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Beyond regulatory compliance, effective complaints and incidents handling in home care demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement. Caregivers can learn from each complaint or incident, using feedback to refine their practices and enhance their approach to caregiving. It underscores the importance of listening to client feedback, resolving issues promptly, and continually striving for excellence in home care services.

This cycle of learning and improvement is crucial in an evolving healthcare landscape, where the needs and expectations of elderly individuals receiving home care are constantly evolving.

Ultimately, prioritising complaints and incidents handling in home care empowers providers to continuously improve their services, uphold standards of care, and honour the dignity and well-being of older Australians.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this very interactive training session, you will learn:

  •   Learn about the 4R complaint and feedback system- participants will undertake exercises to practice this technique.
  •   Understanding ACQSC Standards: Gain a clear understanding of the expectations for Standard 2 in the Strengthened Quality Standards.
  •   Effective Communication Strategies: Learn techniques for clear, empathetic, and effective communication with consumers and their families.
  •   Incident Management: Develop robust procedures for reporting, investigating, and …


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