August 19, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Online Webinar
Lorraine Paulos
Clinical Care Compliance @ Online Webinar

In home care, we are seeing consumers with increasingly complex care needs, co-morbidities and chronic conditions.  We have had a large volume of requests seeking information on the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards in relation to clinical care in the home.   There is particular interest in what providers are doing to recognise and respond to deteriorating conditions in consumers.

How can we deliver results for you and your organisation?

In this webinar, you will come away with clarity regarding the expected standard of clinical care in regards to recognising, reporting and responding to deterioration in consumers’ condition in home care.

What will this webinar include?

  •  Implementing a service-wide framework for identifying and managing deteriorating conditions
  •   Using measures and indicators to monitor changing conditions
  •   Use of validated tools and assessments
  •   Policy and practice regarding reassessment
  •   Ensuring continuity of care
  •   Referrals and escalation
  •  Documentation to support management of deteriorating conditions
  •   Quality assurance to ensure processes for deteriorating conditions are occurring
  •   Training for staff on recognising and reporting deterioration
  •   Scope of practice in terms of staff responding to deterioration
  •   Skills competency testing
  • Partnering with consumers regarding managing their deteriorating conditions
  •   Decision-making: competence, capacity and rights of consumers
  •   Engaging families/carers regarding monitoring and reporting on changes

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