The Changing Role of Care Managers @ Online Webinar
Dec 6 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Changing Role of Care Managers @ Online Webinar


This training will recap on the aspects of home care reform that will impact care management delivery and the role of care managers and will explore care management essentials including care management scope of practice, partnering with consumers, care co-ordination, interface with clinical care, and conduct of welfare and health check-ins.

Exploration of the way that future care management will be different from current approaches will enable participants to gain insight into what will be required to ensure that their care management model and practice remains fit for purpose and best practice in both the current and future home care environments.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar course, you will be able to:

  •   Understand how the home care reform environment is impacting the provision of care management.
  •   Have ideas about possible structures within your service.
  •   Recognise the future care manager role and care manager capability requirements.
  •   Appreciate the difference between current and future approaches to care management.
  •   Distinguish the differing roles of care managers and clinicians in home care.
  •   Apply best practice approaches to care management including well-being monitoring, application of health literacy, and conduct of health check–ins.
Develop & Implement a Clinical Governance Framework for Quality Care @ Online Webinar
Feb 5 @ 9:00 am – Feb 6 @ 1:00 pm
Develop & Implement a Clinical Governance Framework for Quality Care @ Online Webinar

In this interactive Masterclass, Dr Cathy Balding will lead you through developing a strategic and purposeful clinical governance framework to drive quality care improvement. Drawing on evidence and experience of what works, this Masterclass will present a different perspective on how your clinical governance framework can be crafted and operationalised to make a real point of care difference for consumers and staff.

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Benefits of attending:

●       Effectively communicate and collaborate with staff, residents, consumers and their families

●       Learn the key elements of building a high performing team, and the critical role of leadership

●       Transform your skills and embrace compassionate, strategic and innovative leadership

●       Understand how to set guiding principles and the right expectations

This Masterclass is led by:

Dr Cathy Balding, Director, Qualityworks PL.

For the past decade, Cathy has focused on implementing quality and clinical governance as strategies for organisational success across all human service sectors. She’s committed to ‘making quality make sense’; supporting boards and executives to govern and lead for great consumer experiences. Cathy is the Director of Qualityworks PL and has worked in healthcare quality, executive, policy and accreditation roles for over three decades. She has been involved in developing state and federal quality and clinical governance frameworks, standards and measures; is a past acute healthcare accreditation assessor and current aged care board member. Cathy is the author of published research, online courses and books on effective clinical governance, and is co-presenter of the ‘No Harm Done’ podcast.

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