Coastlink hosts friendship group

The initiative aims to combat the negative impacts of loneliness and social isolation.

Seniors on the New South Wales Central Coast are invited to join a friendship group hosted by aged care and disability services provider Coastlink.

The group – held at the home and community care provider’s recently revamped Woy Woy Activity Hub – allows older people the opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a meal, and participate in a wide range of activities and events.

John Mouland

Coastlink chair John Mouland said loneliness and social isolation is a growing problem for older people in the area. “The prevalence of loneliness and social isolation is rising, and I think the risks for older people have been exacerbated by new technologies, our fast-paced modern lifestyle and, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Already on the Central Coast, around 27 per cent of the population is aged 60 years and older; by 2036 the number of people aged over 60 is expected to increase significantly.

“It’s now well-established that the physical, emotional and mental health of older adults is directly impacted by their level of social connection, and I’m proud that Coastlink offers programs like our friendship group to support and enhance their quality of life,” Mr Mouland said.

Lynne Graham

Coastlink chief executive officer Lynne Graham said that the recent work to improve the organisation’s Woy Woy Activity Hub was a tangible example of the way Coastlink made the health and wellbeing of its aged care clients a key priority.

“From club visits and theme days to luncheons and live shows, our clients really love all of the activities we offer as part of the friendship group. But more than that, they’re so appreciative of the opportunity to get out and about on the coast, meet other likeminded seniors, and strengthen their own connection to their local community.”

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