Benchmarking community care’s digital maturity

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council is surveying home and community care providers on their digital maturity.

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council is assessing the digital maturity of home and community care providers through a new survey that will deliver results to participants first.

The National Aged and Community Care Digital Maturity Survey aims to measure growth across the sector on the uptake of technology and return on investment and highlight quality improvement for the sector.

It is part of a project the ACIITC is undertaking in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency to benchmark digital maturity in the aged and community care sector.

The results will drive the development of a co-designed digital maturity assessment framework and tool for practice improvement, and inform government on the needs for future investment.

The survey targets an organisation’s senior-level executive responsible for digital service provision and is estimated to take 30 minutes for community care providers to complete.

Dr George Margelis

Providers who complete the survey will receive a copy of the results ahead of the release of the final report later this year.

Promoting the survey on LinkedIn ACIITC chair George Margelis wrote:

“Benchmarking the digital maturity of our sector is critical for us to enable our digital transformation. I look forward to your participation in this important study to prepare us for the journey ahead.”

The survey builds on previous work of the ACIITC including the 2020 Capabilities in Aged and Community Care Readiness an Evaluation of Innovation and Technology (CARE-IT) report.

ACIITC has co-designed the evidence-based digital maturity survey tool with the aged and community care sector through its series of national roundtables. The council can benchmark nationally and internationally against previous research activities since 2017.

The survey will be emailed to all providers to the email address registered with the Department of Health and Aged Care. Those unable to source the invite can email for support.

The survey is open until 12 May 2023.

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