Podcast helps workers understand LGBTI clients

A new resource aims to inform aged care workers about the issues that matter to LGBTI older people.

A new resource aims to inform aged care workers about the issues that matter to LGBTI older people.

Produced by national peak body LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, the Ageing Fabulously podcast is a resource for the aged care sector that aims to educate aged care workers about the concerns of older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people accessing residential and home-based aged care services.

The 15-minute podcast episodes are hosted by writer and theatre maker Maeve Marsden, who delves into the LGBTI acronym, inclusive language and pronouns, families of choice, and palliative care.

Each episode focuses on practical tips and workplace examples that will assist aged care workers in delivering services to LGBTI older people.

The Silver Rainbow program

The podcasts have been developed through LGBTIQ+ Health Australia’s Silver Rainbow program, which aims to improve the understanding of aged care workers about the experiences of LGBTI people as they age and enter the Australian aged care system.  

Older LGBTI people have often experienced violence, isolation and stigma throughout their lives. Partnering with the LGBTI community-controlled organisations across Australia, the Silver Rainbow program delivers training to the aged care workforce to promote inclusive practice to meet the needs of LGBTI older people.

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia also works with aged care organisations to build their capacity to deliver culturally safe services through the development of inclusive policies and procedures in line with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards, and the Aged Care Diversity Framework and action plans.

Nicky Bath

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia CEO Nicky Bath said: “LGBTI older people need safe and affirming care, and aged care workers need to be given the knowledge and language to help provide that care. The Ageing Fabulously podcast gives these busy and dedicated workers this important information in an easy-to-digest format.”

Available on Spotify and Apple platforms, the podcasts have been produced in consultation with experts, aged care workers and LGBTI older people “to ensure that both expertise and lived experience are combined in a way that aged care workers get the information they need to provide safe and affirming care,” said Ms Bath.

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