Community sector industry superfund NGS has launched a resource to help providers talk to their staff about financial planning.

The Choose to Chat Employer toolkit helps employers in the community care space speak to staff at various stages of their employment, navigate conversations about super and support them to be financially future-fit, NGS says.

NGS Super CEO Laura Wright says the benefits of having a dialogue with staff and ensuring they are secure about their financial future flows through to the employer.

“If a worker is worried about money, there are obvious impacts on work performance, which flows through to productivity,” she says.

“Helping staff improve their financial wellbeing can have a positive impact on employee engagement and general wellbeing, which is a win-win for everyone.”

First point of call

Employers are often the first point of call for employees in relation to superannuation, she says.

But it’s often a new conversation for employers who may find it challenging to understand the rules around what you can say while avoiding any potential risk of providing financial advice.

However she says with many providers struggling to attract and retain staff it’s an important conversation to have.

“Superannuation can be complex and, unless you are a licensed professional, you cannot provide financial advice,” Ms Wright says.

“Confidently communicating with staff about their financial future — including empowering choice — is as simple as having the right tools, language, and information at your fingertips.”

The toolkit includes templates that can be adapted for individual organisations including employee emails, conversation starters, and information about super changes.

“Our employer toolkit outlines why, when, where, and how to help your staff improve their financial wellbeing, including how to choose choice when it comes to their superannuation. The toolkit includes tools to help you have these valuable conversations,” Ms Wright says.

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