People with dementia will be able to build personal care networks through a new app designed to help them remain independent for longer.

The LIV app will allow people with dementia to invite carers, family members and friends to connect in one central place.

Through the app’s care circle, they will be able to offer, receive and ask for the support they need.

The app, developed by Miroma Project Factory and funded by the NSW Government, is due to launch in early February.

Tasks dashboard and calendar

LIV will have a local directory of service providers across community, health and professional services.

People with dementia will be able to ask for help through the tasks dashboard and calendar, and people in their circle will be able to accept these tasks.

They will be able to connect with other people with dementia through private forums, where they can share their experiences.

The app will also have a feature for journal updates, where users of the app can update everyone in their circle about how they’re doing, along with private and group messaging.

LIV will work on most platforms and devices and will also be available as a desktop app.

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