A new initiative from West Australian Police will help support those living with dementia, or a cognitive impairment, and at risk of becoming lost.

The Western Australia Police Force has launched Safe & Found to support police, giving them immediate access to critical personal information to rapidly locate missing persons.

The platform creates a detailed profile of the person at risk, outlining their personal history and characteristics along with a recent photo.

A Safe & Found ID bracelet is included with their membership to protect them when they are out in public.

This bracelet is engraved with the necessary details to get them back home safely if they appear lost or disoriented.

A Safe & Found ID bracelet will protect dementia patient when they’re out and about (Image supplied by Western Australia Police Force)

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said the platform was developed by not-for-profit personal emergency and identification service MedicAlert Foundation.

“Safe & Found’s point of difference is the platform’s ability to securely store and capture a members personal history and characteristics,” he said in a statement.

“In the event of someone going missing, this unique information can significantly speed up the search process and lead to successful outcomes.”

In the last four months, the program has had five successful searches and outcomes where each case was located within an hour.  

(Main image supplied by Western Australia Police Force)

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