TADWA signs deal with US virtual reality company

TADWA has signed a distribution agreement with US virtual reality company MyndVR.

WA-based not for profit organisation TADWA, which provides assistive technology and mobility solutions for the ageing and disability sector, has signed a distribution agreement with US virtual reality company MyndVR.

Steve Pretzel

MyndVR provides VR services for residential and home aged care agencies in the US and has partnered with researchers to study the potential benefits of the technology for reducing isolation and improving the mental health of older people.

The exclusive partnership means TADWA’s occupational therapists and technicians will be able to provide access to MyndVR’s customised tablets and headsets and library of curated VR content which includes travel, medication, music, nature, art and adventure themes.

Manager of sales and partnerships at TADWA, Mike Hamilton, says TADWA will also have the ability to film local VR content.

“We’d be able to take somebody for a walk to the Sydney Opera House, or walk around Fremantle Markets or go to the Great Barrier Reef,” he told Community Care Review.

“We have already invested in some technology so we can film things locally and they have a team of editors who can help wrap that content up so its appropriate to the demographic that we’re targeting.

“We deal with CHSP and Home are Packages and one of the things we’re looking at is how we can support individuals in how they can include these things in their packages.”

The new deal comes after TADWA launched its ‘Brain/Body Pain Solutions’ service in 2018 which included pain management innovations, including virtual reality.

TADWA CEO Steve Pretzel says virtual reality can offer exploration, adventure and fun when physical mobility is limited.

“The MyndVR system provides great content as well as great control functionality,” he said.

“With the benefits of VR becoming better understood, we see a huge opportunity to reduce the impacts of isolation and improve quality of life.”

“MyndVR co-founder and CEO Chris Brickler said  he hoped the partnership would help improve quality of life through the use of immersive technology.

TADWA’s suite of services include occupational therapy, home modifications and automation, technology support, assistive technologies, custom equipment, and recreational and vehicle mobility solutions.

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