A new service aims to help aged care stakeholders communicate digitally with the industry through virtual events including webinars, training videos and product launches.

Virtual Events Solutions was launched in Sydney on Monday by The Intermedia Group, the publisher of Community Care Review to offer multiple brand opportunities in the digital event space.

It has been established in response to the increased importance of virtual events and digital communications particularly light of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions on gatherings.

The service provides end-to-end solutions to deliver live or pre-recorded digital content directly to the audience through The Intermedia Group’s distribution channels.

The events and digital communications can either be created in a studio environment or remotely.

There is also a range of event and communication options available including webinars, online training, conferences, round tables, product launches and Q & A interviews or forums.

Simon Grover

As a B2B media company, Intermedia is in the business of connecting brands with their customers, said Simon Grover, managing director of The Intermedia Group.

“We’re very excited to be launching Virtual Events, which provides our clients with dynamic new marketing opportunities and makes events accessible to everyone, irrespective of geography or social distancing rules,” Mr Grover said.

“A natural extension to our existing media solutions, Virtual Events enables companies to continue to engage and interact with our audiences, sharing expertise, showcasing brand credentials and building relationships with customers, even in these unprecedented times.”

By delivering live and recorded content to the audience directly, brands will be able to boost their engagement, awareness and lead generation, he said.

Find out more about the service here.

Contact AAA national advertising manager Mark Ryu at mryu@intermedia.com.au for more information and opportunities.

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