COVID-19 screening tool for home care workers

What’s new: COVID-19 screening app for home care workers; remote smart watch monitoring system.

Mobile home care platform specialist AlayaCare has released a COVID-19 screening tool to help home and community care workers asses their risk of infection.

The mobile app, which is available to personal care workers and clinicians, takes the user through five questions to determine risks. If it identifies a risk it transmits an alert to management or an internal task force.

 “The addition of the screening application will help care providers evaluate risk and early identification and response intervention has the potential to reduce the spread of infection,” AlayaCare CEO Adrian Schauer says.

AlayaCare has also launched a video conferencing feature which allows in-person visits to be conducted virtually.

AlayaCare’s COVID-19 screening tool.

The feature is available to existing customers for a free trial period.

AlayaCare is also working with quality assurance and performance benchmarking organisation, Home Care Pulse, to launch a free employee phone screening survey for field staff to compete before providing community-based services.

Remote monitoring for home care recipients

The ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) smart watch system from H.A.S Technology combines predictive analytics with wearable technology to allow service providers and family members  to remotely monitor the wellbeing of clients and loved ones who are living at home.

The technology can help detect falls and pick up changes in risk factors like inactivity and sleep, and send an alert if any red flags are raised.

It’s currently being trialed at Victoria’s Mansfield District Hospital, which is also supplying the system to some of its home care clients.

*Main image: remote monitoring with the ARMED system

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