New resources help identify elder abuse

A new app and an educational video have been launched to raise awareness of elder abuse and support senior Australians.

OPAN’s short video provides information about how to recognise the signs of elder abuse.

A new app and an educational video have been developed to raise awareness of elder abuse and support those affected.

The resources were developed by the Older Persons Advocacy Network, which has been funded to deliver the National Aged Care Advocacy Program since July 2017 (read our backgrounder here).

The free mobile app ElderHELP includes information about aged care advocacy and support, how to recognise signs of elder abuse and where to get help.

It also features an in-built online chat and call function.

The short video Noticed Something? explains the different types of elder abuse, which can include financial, physical, emotional, neglect or sexual, and range from subtle to severe.

The app and video were launched by the Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians Richard Colbeck in Melbourne last week.

Mr Colbeck said the resources would help put an end to elder abuse.

“The video will assist aged care staff and volunteers to identify and report abuse of older people and the free mobile phone app, ElderHELP, will assist anyone who cares for and supports older people,” he said.

The video also provides information about how to recognise the signs of elder abuse.

Richard Colbeck

Signs include unexplained injuries or bruising, poor hygiene, unexplained soreness or infections, unexplained health or weight changes, unexplained changes in behaviour and changes to an older person’s financial independence.

“The video and the mobile app mean more people will have better access to key information and practical assistance about aged care rights and support,” Mr Colbeck said.

“All of us can take a stand to stamp out elder abuse where and when we see it or become aware it’s happening,” he said.

View the video here and download the app by searching ‘ElderHELP’ in app stores.

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1 thought on “New resources help identify elder abuse

  1. What this new app will actually do is confuse the complaints process in residential care. If you see something you don’t understand, and that is usually the issue, protocol has always been to approach the registered nurse for information. If you are still concerned you speak with the facility manager who will investigate your concerns and report back to you. For those few that don’t accept the explanation or don’t understand they then put in a formal complaint to the Commission’s office. That office raises the concerns with the facility manager and staff and come to a conclusion.
    This new app will circumvent an excellent process and create new jobs in the Commission. Result from the present process is zero!

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