Fact sheet outlines aged care policy and prospects

The Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing and Research has released a comprehensive overview of recent changes in aged care policy, industry and labour force.

The current sweeping changes to aged care in Australia are enough to make your head spin. But help is at hand with a new fact sheet from the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing and Research (CEPAR) which provides a comprehensive and easy-to-digest overview of the recent changes in policy, industry and labour force.

The paper’s co-author Rafal Chomik says more people than ever before will enter Australia’s aged care system in the years ahead.

“Australia’s aged care system is evolving,” he says.  “It is where the challenges of population ageing are most apparent and where policy choices have direct impact on the lives of Australians.

“This fact sheet takes stock of recent changes in aged care policy, industry, and labour force, and highlights research seeking to address its challenges.”

The paper offers visual presentation of aged care needs and utilisation, including a timeline of key reforms over the last ten years and a wealth of statistics and information on modes and cost of care, workforce trends, service providers and the challenges of dementia.

It also provides international comparisons looking at aged care costs, services and systems around the world.

This is a valuable resource for anyone involved in aged care research, service provision or policy making as well as consumers of aged care services and their support networks.

You can download the fact sheet here.

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