Older Australians will be able to get medication and over-the counter products like hearing aid batteries delivered to their homes using Australia’s first pharmacy delivery app.

The Tonic app was launched in Brisbane a year ago and there are plans to extend it to other parts of Australia in coming months.

Users scan a photograph of scripts into the app and arrange a time and place for the products to be delivered.

Co-founder Adam Gilmore says the app makes it easier for older people who have limited mobility or can’t drive to get their medicine.

“Pharmacy Guild of Australia stats show 43 per cent of medicine users aged over 50 take 5 or more medicines and that’s why we’ve designed the app so seniors can order multiple products at the same time,” he said.

“It also means those with a vulnerable immune system aren’t exposed to a greater risk of infection by having to leave home and wait in line at a pharmacy where sick people may be.”

A registered Australian pharmacist reviews all orders and users receive a phone consultation to discuss how to take the medication as well as any risks or side effects before the medicines are dispensed.

People who have repeats on their scripts can also set up automatic delivery, and they are sent an alert to go to the doctor when the repeats are running low.

The app also allows users to track their delivery.

The app is also being used in the residential sector, Gilmore says, and the company is working with some of the larger groups to expand its services.

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