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Margaret is a tennis aficionado who’s back in Australia after competing in Croatia. Royden travels around playing gigs with his jazz band. Julie gets her kicks by swinging from a circus trapeze. Peter’s an adventurer on the high seas and Berenice recently went on an ocean trek swimming around the Greek Islands.

What makes all these individuals even more extraordinary is that they’re all aged over 77. And they’ve all recently turned film producer and star of their own documentary.

Fearless lives

The lives and stories of nine older NSW Northern Rivers Australians are told in a collection of short films titled Fearless and made by Screenworks in partnership Feros Care and The Bakery Media Production.

Other stories include 87-year-old Klaas, who lives on a boat in Ballina Harbour and Byron Bay local Nina  who stills enjoys drumming, dancing and shopping at the age of 97.

The initiative challenges community attitudes and celebrates ageing, Feros CEO Jennene Buckley says.

“We are thrilled with the personalities and stories that this project has uncovered and we’d love for these films to surprise, charm and inspire people,” she said.

“We’re confident that our 9 Fearless seniors are going to crush those boring old stereotypes about growing older.”

Screenworks CEO Ken Crouch said the Fearless stars had learned new skills to bring their stories to the screen.

“This eclectic and appealing collection gives these seniors the chance to have their voice heard and share their escapades with the world,” he said.

You can view the films here.

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