Along with dementia and incontinence, falls in the elderly constitute one of the three “geriatric giants” of healthcare.  Falls affect one in three people aged 65 and over, and can result in serious outcomes including hip fractures – from which about one in four will die – and traumatic brain injury.

Professor Stephen Lord

The upcoming Summer edition of Community Care Review magazine looks at trends and statistics on falls and the implications this has for everyone involved in the care of the elderly in the community, as well the latest developments in fall prevention research and technology.

We chat with leading experts in the field, including Professor Stephen Lord, who heads the falls, balance and injury research centre at NeuRA, and Sydney University’s Professor Robert Cumming, who share their insights on why preventing falls in the elderly needs to be a top priority, and bring us up to speed on their latest projects.

Home modification

We also look at the latest technology and trends in home modification and why this is essential in enabling ageing people and those with disabilities to stay in the community for longer, as well as making it easier for those involved in their care, including occupational therapists, case managers and care workers, to do their job.

We’ll look at indoor modifications, access issues and smart technology including home modification and wellness monitoring.

Medication management

This edition looks at what we know  about medication management in the community – where we’re getting it right and where we’re getting wrong, as well as novel approaches to safe and effective management to medication for older people in their homes and new initiatives in palliative care.

Community Care Review will look at guidelines and resources to help manage medication as well as providing an in-depth analysis of the policy and practice implications of the issue.

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