Grants program boosts options for active seniors

Organisations that offer sports programs specifically tailored for people over 65 will be able to apply for almost $23 million in federal government funds.

Organisations that offer sport and activity programs specifically tailored for people over 65 will be able to apply for almost $23 million in federal government funds.

The grants program, flagged in the 2017-18 budget, aims to encourage national sporting bodies and non-government organisations to develop and implement community based activity and re-ablement programs for older Australians.

It is designed to get the nation’s seniors to live active lives, as well as reducing the risks of falls and boosting physical and mental health.

The funds are available as part of the More Choices for a Longer Life  package contained in the 2017-18 budget.

The program addresses the current gap in appropriate opportunities for the over-65s, who are not getting consistent information about the importance of staying physically active, according to budget papers.

“Local sporting and community organisations will soon receive grants totalling $22.9 million to deliver new programs for people over 65 to undertake more physical activity,” aged care minister Ken Wyatt said at the launch of the Long Live You campaign in Perth today.

“The Australian Sports Commission is leading this work and applications will open in the coming months.

“Targeted programs will be developed to help people regain their fitness so they can remain living independently at home for as long as possible,” he said.

Meanwhile,  $29.2 million will be used to fund a trial to revise assessments for entry-level aged care services, to support older Australians to maintain their autonomy, Mr Wyatt said.

The Government is also investing $6.5 million to develop an online health checks system for 45 and 65-year-olds.

More information is available on the website.


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1 thought on “Grants program boosts options for active seniors

  1. So is this something that orgs will be given or do we have to apply for it? We are NFP that has had things like Tai Chi and Aqua for years for people over 65 and many are well into their 90s now but we may not necessarily be on the radar but could use the funds to increase our programs and assist older people to attend to overcome access barriers? I’ve downloaded the fact sheet and visited the web link but it doesn’t really say much.

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