From simple, standalone devices to smart clothing and cutting-edge home monitoring systems, assistive technology has the potential to support the independence and wellbeing of older people and their carers at home.

In the forthcoming Spring edition of Community Care Review magazine, we look at emerging developments in assistive technology and the potential impacts for consumers and home care providers.

Assistive technology is supporting community care clients in a range of areas from independent living, mobility, safety and communication.

Our report will help occupational therapists, case managers and care workers to stay on top of the latest developments and broaden their understanding of the role assistive technology can play in the delivery of care and support.

Our special report will explore:

  • award-winning innovation and assistive technology trends
  • the latest research and policy developments to increase the use of assistive technology.

Software application

In this edition, we also examine how software applications are being used by community care organisations to more effectively manage business processes and operations.

From quality and compliance to consumer on-boarding and human resources management, we examine how software systems are being used to streamline processes and improve efficiency and operations.

We talk to service providers to share their experiences of selecting, implementing and evaluating the impacts of a software solution.

Worker safety

In this issue we also report on new programs, resources and initiatives that enhance the safety of people working in community care.

Community care organisations must manage a range of workplace health and safety risks. These include managing hazards in the home, threats of violence, and risks associated with being on the road and undertaking physical tasks.

We talk to service providers, experts and researchers for tips and strategies to manage and minimise workplace risks.

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