HammondCare’s executive chef Peter Morgan-Jones has collaborated with palliative medicine and allied health experts to produce a new cookbook for people at the end of life.

Lobster for Josino: Fabulous food for our final days includes practical tips and more than 100 recipes that promote the pleasure and comfort of food and personal choice for people with a life-limiting illness.

The cookbook to be launched later this month has been authored by Mr Morgan-Jones with palliative care specialist Professor Rod MacLeod, senior speech pathologist with HammondCare Prudence Ellis and dietitian Jessica Lynch.

Lobster for Josino was inspired by a chef’s dying request for lobster as his last meal which was refused by hospital staff.

Mr Morgan-Jones worked with Josino at the Sydney Opera House and was unable to fulfil Josino’s desire to eat lobster one final time.

In the book the authors explore topics such as taking a personalised approach to food, understanding sensory changes resulting from medications, and options to improve the dining experience in palliative care.

“We believe the benefits of enjoyable eating and drinking will often outweigh the associated risk burden for someone who is unwell.

“And while there are cookbooks for virtually every other stage of life, few address what may be the most powerfully significant and challenging period of our lives, the very end,” the authors write.

Lobster for Josino is being launched in Sydney on 23 May by the CEO of Palliative Care Australia, Liz Callaghan, as part of Palliative Care Week (May 20-26).

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