A new mobile phone app is available to encourage people to prioritise their social relationships as a powerful way to improve their overall health.

National suicide prevention charity R U OK? created the app in response to the findings of a national survey it conducted that found 50 per cent of Australians spend two hours or less of their weekly downtime connecting with the people who matter to them.

R U OK? said the finding was concerning considering evidence shows investing in relationships is important for people’s health and wellbeing.

Brendan Maher, the CEO of R U OK?, said the app challenged people to connect with their family and friends in new and creative ways.

“In today’s world, mobile devices are a key platform to increase connections with most of us having a device at hand every day of the year,” he said.

“This app serves as a reminder of the many ways in which we can spend more time with those who matter to us, any day of the year, and check in when they’re struggling with life.”

R U OK? campaign director Katherine Newton said the app called Konnect aimed to encourage users to invest more time in their relationships and learn R U OK?’s four conversation steps: ask R U OK?, listen, encourage action and check in.

“We want more people to stay connected and have regular R U OK? conversations,” she said.

“Konnect can help people proactively reach out to the people in their world and maintain stronger relationships. When our relationships are strong we’re more likely to see the signs someone is struggling with life, and have the trust and confidence to start a conversation with that person.”

The Konnect app was funded by Virgin Mobile Australia. Download the mobile app here.

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  1. Will this be another app that involves data mining and ad tracking and involve having someone to remove your digital footprint at great expense once you no longer need it? This is now becoming the most serious issues of our time.

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