Age Discrimination Commissioner Dr Kay Patterson at the launch of the Respecting Elders service

A new mediation and conflict resolution service has been launched in Victoria to support seniors experiencing elder abuse.

The service, Respecting Elders, is a partnership between FMC Mediation and Counselling, Seniors Rights Victoria and Eastern Community Legal Centre.

FMC’s CEO Serge Sardo said the service offers a non-threatening way for older people to resolve conflict in their lives.

A phone call to a FMC counsellor will begin a confidential process of consultation and support to help address situations of abuse and family violence.

Age Discrimination Commissioner Dr Kay Patterson, who delivered a keynote address at the launch of the service last month, welcomed the service as an innovative model that aims to support and empower older people experiencing abuse.

“In many cases, older people who suffer abuse at the hands of their family members would prefer not to have authorities involved and Respecting Elders supported mediation and counselling service can be a way to deal with this complicated issue.

“I welcome the service and congratulate the partners in funding this important project,” Dr Patterson said.

It was important that measures designed to protect older people from abuse did not disempower an older person with capacity, she said.

Respecting Elders is funded by a grant from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and builds on the FMC’s senior mediation program.

For more information visit the FMC website or contact 1800 214 117.

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  1. Access to counselling for any challenges that older people face is beneficial… now we need a similar service in NSW to assist older people and their family so that the risk from elder abuse is reduced if not eliminated

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