The Dementia Collaborative Research Centres have launched a new dementia knowledge translation hub which connects health professionals, carers and policymakers to a wide range of evidence-based tools and resources.

The online hub, DementiaKT Hub, is styled as a one-stop destination for finding a range of resources that are informed by DCRC-related research, consultancy, and partner-based activities.

Using the hub, people with an interest in dementia can access resources under eight categories: living with dementia, professional care/services, dementia prevention, education and training, community and environment, guidelines and policy and measurements and tools.

The website links to a wide range of resources including apps, e-learning tools, guides and booklets.

The DementiaKT Hub aims to act as a gateway to ‘grassroots resources’ relevant to care, practice and consumer issues.

Visit the DementiaKT Hub here.

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  1. I welcome the new “one stop shop” for people caring for those living with dementia. to access resources etc However there is still a need for a physical “one stop shop” in many areas as it must be remembered that many carers over the age of 65 years are not connected to the internet

    Education for the 24/7 carers in the home is essential from the start of the journey-support groups can pass on information etc to those who attend but in many cases due to lack of respite care , carers are not able to access groups. Getting education into the home must be a priority.. The ideal would be an extension of the “key worker program ” used in the younger-onset area.

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