Rod, 54, who acquired a brain injury following a car accident in 2001, says the care he receives from support worker Euan allows him to lead an independent life.

Rod’s story

Rod and Euan at a hot air balloon festival on the lawns of the Old Parliament House, Canberra in March.
Rod and Euan at a hot air balloon festival on the lawns of the Old Parliament House, Canberra in March.

At the time of commencing services with Calvary in 2012, I had already spent many years with different disability services. It was my decision to move into my own home in order to gain more independence. Although it was difficult at first to initiate my care procedures with a new service, Calvary ensured the transition was smooth. I did it all for my independence.

Euan has supported my independence at home by respecting me and treating me like a normal person in my own home. Euan always respects my needs as I strive for an independent life.

My goals are to continue to live at home as I am now, with the assistance of staff who support my way of life. I would also like to go back to the coast sometime soon. I’m happy to have the peace of mind to be able to plan such trips.

I value that Euan is a very honest person and is comfortable to tell things as they are. I also appreciate his patience and language skills. This makes him very easy to communicate with.

Since changing over to home care and Calvary Community Care, I have become profoundly happier.  This is due to my independence and the quality of care that I receive. The care I receive allows me to be comfortable in my own space. I am able to plan and look forward to so many different things knowing that I have more choice over how I spend my time.

Euan’s story

I first met Rod in January 2016. At this time Rod required 24-hour care at home.

With the extended time I spend at Rod’s house, I have been given scope to understand him holistically. Rod has always been more than happy to answer questions regarding his position. He does this to ensure that his needs and way of life are understood. Knowing this, I was more than happy to ask Rod anything which I thought would contribute to my care for him.

I have developed a good understanding that independence is paramount to Rod and I have shaped my style of care to suit this. Rod appreciates his home feeling like a home. I always strive to arrive at Rod’s home with a relaxed and happy demeanour so that he is not made to feel uncomfortable by my presence.

Rod is a very down-to-earth and appreciative person. Regardless of what is happening he manages to maintain a positive and often humorous outlook on life.

I have noticed that Rod has recently become progressively more relaxed, especially towards me.  It is best for him to be completely comfortable with his care and being in his own home.

Rod is very clear about what he wants from care services, not just verbally, but also in things such as the layout of his house and his specific schedule.

Currently I am working with Rod on transitioning him to having an extra support worker during particular times of the day and making the new support workers aware of Rod’s procedures and needs.

Rod’s brother, Greg, is very proactive in his life and care and has expressed his appreciation on many occasions. He ensures that Rod has up-to-date equipment to make the processes of daily living easier.

I have found 24-hour care to be a very different style of care to the other work I have performed. I have thoroughly enjoyed moulding myself to become a very large part of someone’s life, and shaping the way I work to meet Rod’s needs.

The way Rod has strived to make workers feel comfortable has allowed me to establish a fantastic level of rapport with him. This has helped me to improve the care that I provide as I am able to understand all of the aspects of his life.

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