Newcastle University in the UK is offering a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on assessing and reducing the risk of falls.

The course has been produced by experts from the university’s Institute for Ageing and the Falls and Syncope Service (FASS), the largest unit of its kind in Europe. FASS is recognised internationally for its innovative work in the field of falls and blackouts.

The course, Ageing Well: Falls, explores ways to prevent falls and injury and identify those at risk. Course creator Professor Julia Newton says she wants to dispel the myth that falls are an inevitable part of ageing, and instead show how falls are treatable and preventable.

The interactive course helps students to discover ways of assessing and reducing the risk of falling and examines its health, social and economic consequences.

The course was designed with people who have been affected by falls and includes a series of video case studies.

The MOOC starts 5 September and runs for four weeks. The course is available through the Future Learn platform.

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