Daniel Mulino MP and Craig Dent State Trustees CEO at launch.
Daniel Mulino Victorian MP and Craig Dent State Trustees CEO at launch of Securing Their Future resource.

The Office of the Public Advocate in Victoria and State Trustees have released a resource for family carers supporting Victorians with a decision-making disability to plan for the future.

The booklet helps guide carers through the process of appointing powers of attorney, planning their estate and leaving assets in a way that protects beneficiaries with a disability. Parents, relatives and other significant people who care for a person with a disability will be able to plan for when they are no longer able to provide care.

The new edition includes updates on powers of attorney laws and more accessible information on trusts.

State Trustees CEO Craig Dent said the Securing Their Future publication was an important education resource for those concerned about the future wellbeing of those they care for, should they be unable to do so themselves.

“Securing Their Future is an excellent starting point and we’re very proud to be associated with it,” Mr Dent said.

Public Advocate Colleen Pearce said she hoped family carers find the resource useful and accessible. The Office of the Public Advocate is an independent statutory body with responsibility for guardianship services in Victoria.

The booklet provides information on applying for an administrator or guardian, making powers of attorney, making a will and planning for your estate.

The resource for carers was launched last week and the event was attended by the Victorian Health and Carers Parliamentary Secretary Mary-Anne Thomas and Treasury and Finance Parliamentary Secretary, Daniel Mulino.

To download Securing their Future click here

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  1. It is a very positive move with the Office of Public Advocates releasing a resource for Family Carers supporting with decision making for a Family member who may be unable to. This may be for example due to detection of early dementia. The other issue is changes in law reforms to protect these people from Elder Abuse. Our laws are about the rights of people….and they should be. But when you have a Carer abusing the system and the victim……what do you do? There needs to be reforms and partnerships formed on both sides. The increase with Elder Abuse is climbing. It’s not detected….we are presenting with all these great ideas and solutions ….but….if the Carer is not the right advocate or spokesperson ….? Where is the safety net and accountability ?

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