A new national population database provides free public access to information about Australia’s ageing population.

RADAR – The Regional Australia Database for Ageing Research – has been developed by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) using the most recent national data from the ABS 2011 Census of Population and Housing.

It is a user-friendly interactive tool for accessing a wide range of demographic and economic indices relevant to population and ageing research from national through to regional levels.

Professor Peter McDonald, chief investigator with CEPAR, developed the database with colleagues Dr Meimanat Hosseini Chavoshi and Dr Jeromey Temple.

“As Australia’s population ages and more questions emerge about where and when impacts may occur, we wanted to provide a resource that anyone can access for information about populations from the national through to the regional level, delivering information about the characteristics of local populations at the time of the census, and also into the future.

“Current knowledge and future projections can assist policymakers, planners, researchers, students and others interested in gaining insight into geographic populations, and contribute to developing and delivering resources to meet the needs of these populations as they change over time,” said Professor McDonald.

RADAR can assist users to understand the characteristics of their population, including the number of people who may be living in an area in the future and how that compares to other regions in Australia.

Information is presented in four modules: labour force, health, living arrangements and population futures.

RADAR is available at the CEPAR website.

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