The Department of Health is hosting a webinar for home care providers next week to explain the new national process for prioritising access to home care packages from next year.

The live webinar is the third in a series explaining the Increasing Choice in Home Care legislative changes to commence from 27 February 2017.

The department said the webinar will discuss how a national package queue will be developed in preparation for the new system and how the queue will be managed and packages assigned to consumers.

The main topics to be covered include:

  • A refresher of the main changes being introduced by the home care reforms
  • An introduction to the national prioritisation process – how it will work and the ongoing management
  • An understanding of what the changes means for consumers and providers.

The briefing will take place on 11 August at 2:00pm AEST and will include time for questions from webinar participants.

For more information visit the Department of Health website.

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