Alzheimer’s Australia has launched a new guide to assist both individuals and organisations set up social cafes for people living with dementia, while the Australian Men’s Shed Association and Alzheimer’s Australia NSW have collaborated on a dementia manual for men’s sheds.

Free toolkit to help set up cafe social groups for people with dementia

Alzheimer’s Australia has launched a new, free resource to help people with dementia, their families and carers, remain socially connected. The Community Café Toolkit is a step-by-step guide, designed to help community groups, organisations or individuals set up and run a local café social group for people living with dementia.

Cafes are designed to provide the opportunity for people with dementia and their partners to make new friends while also learning about support services in their area. They can be adapted for specific groups, such as people with younger onset dementia, and for populations in rural or urban locations.

Alzheimer’s Australia CEO Carol Bennett said social isolation remained a major issue for people following a diagnosis of dementia.

“We hear time and again from our consumers that after a diagnosis of dementia, they often lose contact with friends or family members” Ms Bennett said.

“This is often because people don’t understand enough about dementia and no longer know how to relate to the person. This ‘shrinkage’ of their social circle can be immensely stressful at what is an already difficult time.

“Community cafes can really help in creating opportunities for new friendships, in giving people a chance to socialise with others who understand what they are going through, and to help people feel much more socially connected.”

The toolkit, developed by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, was made possible by the Alzheimer’s Australia National Quality Dementia Care Initiative funded by the Australian Government.

To download a copy of the toolkit click here.

Manual to support men with dementia in men’s sheds

Your shed and dementia a manualAlzheimer’s Australia NSW and the Australian Men’s Shed Association have collaborated to launch the free guide, “Your Shed and Dementia, A Manual”.

The resource has tools to help members of men’s sheds support and communicate with men with dementia and carers, so that the shed can continue to have a positive influence on their lives.

The manual includes:

  • A summary of what dementia is, how to recognise it and simple ways to support men with dementia. There are also tips on communication and supporting carers.
  • Tools for men who are interested in joining a shed and have been diagnosed with dementia
  • Tools for keeping your brain healthy and active
  • Tools for helping the shed leadership teams to make the best decisions for all concerned

This manual is based on information from Alzheimer’s Australia NSW’s  “Every Bloke Needs a Shed” pilot project.

To download a copy of the manual, click here.

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