The National Diabetes Services Scheme has launched a new series of resources to provide advice and support to older people living with diabetes.

New resources available from NDSS targeting older people.
New resources available from NDSS targeting older people.

The three booklets that community aged care staff can use as education tools with their clients cover the topics of diabetes management and ageing, healthy eating and understanding the health system.

Caroline Thomas, national program leader of the Older People with Diabetes Program with the NDSS, said there were some specific changes that happened with age that may affect how diabetes should be managed.

  •                 Managing Diabetes As You Age has information to help older people manage diabetes including managing the effects of ageing, hypoglycaemia and medicines.
  •             Healthy Eating and You has information about healthy eating and food choices including nutrition and food needs as you age, daily meal plans and nutritious recipes.
  •             You and your health care team has information to help older people work with their healthcare team including building a  healthcare team, staying on track and support services that can help.

The booklets are available to download as an ebook or PDF from the National Diabetes Services Scheme website. To receive a hard copy call your state or territory diabetes association on 1300 136 588.

Read the August edition of Community Care Review, ‘Keeping diabetes in check’ for more tips for carers from Caroline Thomas, National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) on supporting clients with diabetes.

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  1. I have had diabetes for 10 yrs or so, tried all the diets, my A1c has been drifting up in the last few yrs. I am not really overweight,I control w/a little metformin & exercise everyday. So I tried this diet ( ) and my A1c went from 6.0 to 5.4 in 6months. I was shocked because I didn’t stick to it 100%,but eating veggies is my cup of tea. A few yrs ago I tried low carb without much luck but sure had side effects (constipation,etc)and the next year I got breast cancer. Now I’m not blaming low carb for breast cancer but noone in my family has had cancer of any kind. BTW my oncologist says a full 30% of her patients have diabetes. Just one more reason to control this disease. I still have neuropathy but I hope to get rid of that this coming year and who knows, maybe even do so well I can give up meds. good luck to any of you who want to try it. the faux guacomole made with garbanzo beans sounds horrible (afterall I’m a Texan and we love our guac) but it’s quite tasty. I never thought I would be one of those people who got to write a success story!

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