Guide produced by COTA Victoria for the sport and fitness industry

Engaging older people in sport and physical activity is the focus of a new resource targeting sporting, recreation and fitness clubs to help them reach out and involve seniors.

Produced by COTA Victoria and funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria, the resource aims to connect older people as participants, volunteers and spectators in sport and leisure programs.

There is sound evidence that physical activity improves the health and wellbeing of older people, and reduces the likelihood of developing chronic diseases, some cancers and some forms of dementia, or delays their progression.

Physical activity, particularly through sport, recreation and fitness, also provides an essential opportunity for social connection.

Key messages in the guide include:

  • Meeting new people and new challenges are major drawcards for older people
  • It is essential to build relationships between older people and key people in your club
  • Be welcoming and hospitable to older people, not patronising
  • It is important to consult older people about their interests and needs
  • Activities may need to be modified to increase enjoyment but key skills and challenges should still be an important part of any activity

To download the resource or for more information on the project contact COTA Victoria.

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